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GUEST POST: 7 Interesting Hidden Treasures For Tourists In Ulsan, South Korea

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Ulsan is known as the industrial capital of South Korea. This city has its hidden treasures and cultural beauty with some amazing places for sight-seeing that is often not highlighted.

Tourists in Ulsan can add these locations to their list of places to visit.  There are breathtaking mountains surrounding the city with the Taehwa River that serves as a port for major exporting activities.

Places to visit around Ulsan include:

Ulsan Grand Park
This spacious park is a great place for both outdoor and indoor activities. It has nice scenery beautified with flowers and a swimming pool for your relaxation. The park is however best explored by walking or cycling. 

Seoknamsa Temple

This temple is made up of up to 30 different buildings all around. In its surrounding are steep mountains that offer amazing views and you can just spend the whole day gazing at the surrounding areas. Also found in this area is a beautiful waterfall that complements the scenery.

Oegosan Onggi Village
This is the center for Korea’s largest traditional onggi (large clay storage urns) and there is an Onggi museum and training center that displays some of the most amazing Ongii you have ever seen. If you are interested you can watch out for the Onggi festival held every year in October.

Tongdosa Temple 
This temple was built to house to house the holy relics of great Buddha. It lies in a graceful valley and is surrounded by nature, pavilions and stone lanterns. There are usually different programs held at the temple and can be an interesting venture for foreigners.

Tongdo Horseback Riding Center
If you love horses and would like to experience horse riding in the beautiful landscape of Ulsan, then you should visit the Tongdo center. You get to choose the horse you want to ride on and there are English instructors available to help you out.

Mount Gaji
This is the tallest Mountain in Ulsan. For visitors who like the challenge of a hike, the steep densely wooded mountain will appeal to them. If you make it to the top there is an awesome view to reward your struggle to the top. 
The Black Pebble Beach
This is a beach of dark pebbles as the name implies, with loud waves crashing against the dark coastline. There are restaurants with great sea food that you can enjoy along with the breeze from the beach.

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  1. I've been to South Korea but only to Seoul. I'm going to do some googling about Ulsan now too. :)

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