Sunday, 29 June 2014

Froglets - from spawn to frogs!

Hi chums!

Thought I'd show you some pictures of my little froggies I've recently released into our garden and give you some information on how I kept them etc. So, in my garden I have two ponds: one is quite a big one with fish in, the other one is more of a 'nature' or 'wildlife' pond with no fish in as we leave it for the friendly newts, toads and frogs which happily live there!

We had frogspawn in the pond towards the end of February and decided to scoop some out with a net and put it in a small tank - living in Britain means that the weather is quite unpredictable so we didn't want our little friends getting frozen in a frost or blown across to another garden!

My frogspawn!

Once I'd put some water and green water plants in my tank I just put it on some newspaper on my dresser in my room and watched them with intense interest over the next few months!

Before long the tiny little dots in the centre of the little sacs turn into what I call 'commas' - my very technical term!

frogspawn, tadpoles
My baby 'commas'
After the 'comma' stage, they begin to chomp on their sacs...maybe not the best phrase! And escape to FREEEEEDOM! Aka the rest of the tank. After they adjust to their new found freedom and start to eat some of the plants, they begin to look a bit more froglike and legs start sprouting from beneath them!

With legs!

Before you know it, they've grown snouts for their 'frog face' and then they begin clinging to the sides of the tank - like one of those jelly toys you sling at windows and it sticks to! Sorry for the overload of froggies, but I think they're so cute!



Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Abi :) 

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