Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 2014 Favourites

TV Programmes
Scott and Bailey
Waterloo Road
Holby City

Let It Go - Frozen
Hopeful - Bars and Melody
Outside - Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding
Don't - Ed Sheeran
Thinking Outloud - Ed Sheeran
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Rude - MAGIC!
All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

The Theory of Everything
Cuban Fury
Before I Go To Sleep
22 Jump Street

Green grapes
Cadbury's Chocolate

Yellow Diamond (Versace)
Mist You Madly (Soap and Glory)

Great Lash Mascara (Maybelline)
Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation (Clinique)
Makeup brushes (Sleek)

What are your favourites of 2014?

Abi :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

REVIEW: Gone Girl

I really enjoyed this film, I read the book and loved it - you can read my review on the book HERE - it was the first time in a while I'd read a book to a film before I'd watched it!

There are a few differences between the book and the film which is inevitable, there was a lot more blood than I anticipated especially towards the end of the film and the film itself it quite visually dark reflecting the dark characters and story line. 

Another thing I loved about the film was the music and underscores especially in eerie and tense moments it aided the scenes very well and added a lot of tension to the already tense moments!

As some of you may know I LOVE CATS (as stated here, here and here!) and there's a gorgeous ginger one in this film which you get to see lots in the film so I was more than delighted!

Abi :)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

REVIEW: The Theory of Everything


It is about the life of Stephen Hawkins - predominantly the marriage to his first wife - it is both entertaining and touching and brought tears to my eyes in many parts of the film. The cast is exquisite with Eddie Redmayne (who is stepping more into the limelight and playing a number of parts to perfection), Felicity Jones Maxine Peake and Emily Watson too. 

I love the amateur/vintage type shots (watch the film and you'll know what I mean!) as they give a nice realistic insight into Stephen Hawking's private life. The film is also very cinematic and colourful which I really like, it's a nice film to watch even if you don't understand all the scientific language spilling from the mouths of the characters!

It has so far been nominated for four Golden Globes and there is Oscar buzz surrounding the film too, one for Eddie Redmayne me thinks!

I would strongly recommend this film for anyone who loves a romantic, biopic or entertaining film!

Abi :)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of special gifts all of which I am SO grateful for and I know I will use/eat them all and enjoy myself whilst doing so. 

I thought I'd make this a photo post for you to see what I got! My presents include: my first onesie, lush products, bomb cosmetics products, hot chocolate, Yankee Candles and lots and lots of chocolate!
Abi :)

Thursday, 25 December 2014

BLOGMAS: DAY 25 - Christmas Day!


Another photo post for you of my house at Christmastime!

Abi :)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

BLOGMAS: DAY 24 - Christmas Eve

Here's another lifestyle post for you chums from when my boyfriend and I went to Bristol we did lots of things like ice-skating, eating in Za Za Bazaar (an all you can eat restaurant with food from many different countries and cultures), shopping in Cabot Circus and Cribbs Causeway, making my first build-a-bear bear, eating a krispy kreme, taking timelapses from Clifton Bridge and many other exciting things. I hope you enjoy the photos!
Abi :)