Friday, 18 July 2014

Humans Aren't All Smart - Change Blindness

Now it's Summer, we've been given 'summer tasks' to complete (because obviously none of us want to just relax in the sun and have fun!) For Psychology we got to choose an area that interests us, which I thought was great because it gave us a lot of freedom to do what we want. After a bit of research I came across something called 'Change Blindness' and watched a video on it - it absolutely amazed me!

Change Blindness is basically a failure to detect a visual change, for example humans usually do not detect changes when an image flickers and then stops even if the changes are very obvious!

I'll leave the video here and also some others which show the same thing - it's crazy how we think humans are really smart and intelligent yet our brain misses things like this!

(All of these videos are from YouTube and I do NOT own them in any way!) 

Anyway that's all I really have today, just wanted to share it because I thought it was so interesting!

Abi :)

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