Friday, 15 August 2014

A Day Out Shopping

Earlier this week I met up with a friend to go shopping in Bristol. It was great to catch up and also enjoy some well earned retail therapy after the stress of exams and results!

The first place I went was LUSH (lush haul is on its way). We spent a longgg time in their deciding what bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps we liked the smell of. I came away with several bath bombs and a bubble bar and I can't wait to try them! One of the things I love about LUSH is that it's all handmade and from organic ingredients too, these things create colourful and wonderfully smelling treats for bathtime!
LUSH, bath bombs
The second place I went to was Starbucks where I ordered my usual Caramel Frappuccino.
Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino
For lunch I had a small pot of popcorn chicken from KFC, I love these I think they're so cute and they taste so good too! Also as they were in a pot we didn't have to stop and eat I could just take it round with me and carry on shopping!
KFC, popcorn chicken
I also enjoyed a Krispy Kreme! Yes, I ate pretty badly that day! It was only my second Krispy Kreme I've ever had and it was really good! We ordered two and I totally forget the names of either but I loved the blue-y purple-y one I think the icing looks amazing on it!
Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme
After spending what seemed like hours in shops like New Look and Primark I came away from Bristol with many bags full of stuff (you could smell the bath bombs from miles away I was pretty conscious of that!)
Primark scarves
Hope you enjoyed my post!

Abi :)


  1. Thank you I thought it was too haha I almost didn't want to eat it it was too pretty! Abi 😊

  2. The icing on that Krispy Kreme is so pretty :) I love Caramel Frappucinos, I literally have an obsession with Starbucks lol

  3. Haha yeah thanks it was almost too pretty to eat! So do I haha! Abi ☺

  4. That Krispy Kreme looks amazing!!!

  5. Thankyou haha I'm glad I chose that one haha! Abi :)

  6. Mmmm Caramel Starbucks ♥

    Just followed you!! Hope you can drop by my blog and perhaps follow back?

    Lucys Life Through a Lense

  7. Hehe I know they're so yummy! Aw thankyou! Of course! Abi :)


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