Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Lunch Date

I don't often go out for lunch but the other day we decided to go to the local garden centre to try out some of their food in the cafe! It was quite nice in there and they had a beautiful array of yummy looking cakes I had my eye on straight away!
hot chocolate
No matter what the weather is or what time of year it is, I love a hot chocolate!
For 'starters' we had some olives in chilli sauce and some spicy nutty things...I didn't catch what they were called but they were nice all the same!
olives, starters
Olives and nutty things!
For my main I had a brie and bacon panini with onion relish, it was quite tasty but the onion was a bit too sweet after a while!
salad, healthy, panini
Oh and a nice big salad too!
I didn't have room for any dessert or cake as I only just managed to finish my panini! There's always next time though!

Abi :)

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