Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Favourite...TV Shows!

I've been wanting to do this post for a VERY long time so I'm excited to be doing it now. I don't actually watch a lot of TV as I'm usually busy when the programmes I want to watch are on so I watch a lot of them on iPlayer usually about 2/3 times haha! In no particular order here are my favourite TV shows:

1. Doctor Who - My favourite Doctor is David Tennant, but I thought Peter Capaldi was very good in Saturday night's episode and I look forward to seeing him in further episodes! HERE's a short Doctor Who post
My favourite! Photo from Flickr and HERE's the link to the photo by Lisby
2. Holby City - I have no idea why I love this but I do, I love Jac Naylor and Colette Sheward who are both feisty characters, and I just think that the balance between relationships/storyline and medical..ness is really good!

3. Eastenders - Because I'm British!
4. Scott and Bailey - LOVE this! It's a crime drama for those who don't know with a strong female cast, there are really good storylines and there's always a thread leading through each episode that keeps me glued to it until the series is finished!

5. Strictly Come Dancing - I think it's one of the 'better' talent shows and you can really see the stars' improvements

6. Britains Got Talent - I love to see all the different types of act, this year I really liked the comedian Jon Clegg

7. XFactor - Used to watch this all the time when it was on but now I just watch the occasional show, I really liked Ella Henderson and love her new song Ghost

8. The Great British Bake Off - Always makes me hungry but the food they produce always amazes me! I also really like the judges and of course Mel and Sue! HERE's a short post I did about it.
The Great British Bake Off
9. Downton Abbey - Not everyone's cup of tea but I really like this! The music, costumes and make up are just amazing!

Yes 9 is a strange number but I wanted to keep it fairly short and can't think of a tenth at the moment! Hope you enjoyed this post chums, does anyone else watch these any of these?

Abi :)


  1. I've never been able to get into soaps like Eastenders and I feel it makes me very odd as a British person haha!
    I am becoming addicted to bake off though, mainly due to my love of Sue :) x

    1. Aha well I used to watch Neighbours when I was younger and I've only gotten into Eastenders since about Easter with the Lucy Beale murder and I've been glued ever since! Aw yeah Sue is great! Abi :)

  2. I love downton abbey so much! xx

    1. So do I, I can't wait for the Christmas episode! Abi :)


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