Monday, 22 September 2014

My Make Up Bag

I thought I’d give you an insight into my make-up bag just for fun, I don’t class myself as a beauty blogger and my make-up collection isn’t high end or very big but I thought I’d show you it anyway! Also these are my main products I use on a day to day basis not every single product I have!

So this is my bag I got for free for spending a certain amount of money in Clinique, I don't really like it if I'm honest but there we are haha it's something to keep my make up in!
make up bag
I've always used this moisturiser I really like it as it's not too heavy but does the job!
simple moisturiser
This is my best foundation everrrr! I have been through SO many foundations from Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse to Maxfactor Colour Adapt to Bourjois Healthy Mix. I finally found this one and I am so happy! It hides blemishes well so I don’t need to use concealer and it matches my pale skin so well! HERE’s a review I wrote on it. 
clinique foundation
I also use this foundation for days where I'm not doing much - maybe going to town or something, does anyone else have a cheaper low quality foundation they use on down days?
maxfactor foundation
This is the powder I use it’s not particularly fancy or anything because I just use it to set the liquid foundation really and I don’t want it to add any extra colour to my face as I'm naturally quite pale.
collection pressed powder
I’m loving this Urban Decay Eyeliner recently, it’s long lasting and I love the fine tip as it enables me to thicken the line if I want to rather than using it and it being a thick line whether I like it or not! HERE’s a review I did on it. 
Urban Decay Ink For Eyes
I also got this Eye Mousse free at Boots and I lovee it! This is what it looks like on - such a nice Wintery look!
I also have the Collection gel liner, I used to have the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama, but I haven't noticed much difference between the two brands and Collection is cheaper! I mainly use it for lining my tight line so it lasts me quite a while too!
I recently bought this mascara and at first I didn’t like it, there didn’t seem to be much product in the tube and not much came out on the wand but after about a month of using it I really began to like it! It doesn’t smudge or leave black marks under my eyes like some other mascaras seem to and it seems to be an old time favourite for many!
Hope you enjoyed browsing my make up!

Abi :)


  1. This Clinique foundation is really good.
    I used to have one and worked great for me too.

  2. I am always looking for a great and inexpensive foundation. This isn't the first time I heard Clinique is da bomb. hehe I think you sold me. :)

    ~ Lu

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