Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Response to THAT Kim K Photo

Another serious post from yours truly! Just want to point out I don't really 'know' Kim Kardashian too well and my views are just of the PHOTO and not her as a person, also everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion, and yes I do know that she can do whatever makes her happy as everyone can!
Kim Kardashian: TV star, model, writer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and…outrageous (to say the least). Everybody seems to have heard of Kim K; people know she’s famous but don’t really know how or what for, the answer: a leaked sex tape.

On November 12th social media and other pockets of the internet were flooded with people’s reactions of a new photo of the reality star which showed her smothered in oil, wearing nothing but long black gloves and holding up a black dress just below her derriere, she wears minimal make up and her hair is tied back in a high top knot meaning all attention is focused on her infamous behind.

The photos were from a photoshoot for Paper magazine’s website which were accompanied by the words ‘Break The Internet’ which trended worldwide on Twitter. Within minutes of the photos being liked, shared and favourited the internet was overrun with hilarious parodies of the image. Popular parodies included Kim being made into a centaur, hotdog  and a Simpson’s character, comedienne Chelsea Handler even posted a photo imitating the reality star with the caption ‘Guess which one’s real.’

The photo may come as somewhat of a surprise to many because 3 years ago she swore she’d never do a nude photo again, which begs the question: why did she do it? Attention, money, awe, hate and fame are just a few possible reasons.

Among the many tweets supporting, ridiculing and challenging Kim Kardashian were actress Jasmine Lennard’s who tweeted ‘Where was the baby while she shot that disgusting cover?’ and ‘It’s officially gone too far, is Kim K what you want your daughters to aspire to?’ This is quite a fair and valid point: let’s not forget that Kim Kardashian is actually a Mother of a year and a half old daughter (North West) as well as being a wife to the rapper Kanye West - is she really the best role model for her daughter?

Another Twitter user wrote: 'I'm not sure if Kim Kardashian respects herself, her body, her privacy, or anything for that matter.’ It would seem that this is very much the case as she doesn’t seem to have taken into account the fact that someday her daughter could see those photos of her own Mother as well as the sex tape…

Piers Morgan has noticeably come out to defend the TV star and suggested women resent Kim for her fame and money, yet women’s reactions to the explicit photo would insinuate they are more ANGRY at the fact she doesn’t give Mothers a good or responsible name (or image) and is most definitely not a good role model – let’s not forget her 72 DAY marriage and the fact that her ‘fame’ came as a result of a leaked sex tape.  Morgan then went on to compare the photo to the first man landing on the moon and Mandela’s release from prison, is he really implying that yet another nude of Kim K is a historic event?!

It’s people like Kim which are the reason why so many girls and women feel insecure about their body. The photo borders on pornography, so why is it so readily available to access?  Does it empower women in society or make them feel irrelevant because they don’t look like Kim? Do all men now want and expect women to look like her? Instead of ‘breaking the internet’ Kim seems to have created a definite divide between men and women, women are disgusted whilst men (like Piers Morgan) seem to be celebrating over the photos. 

What did you think of the photos?

Abi :)


  1. I guess one of the questions is if Kanye West posed nude, would he have the same reaction? That where's his daughter when he's doing this, and he's such a bad role model as a father. I think to a certain extent it's probably quite empowering for her that she did the photos, as unlike the sex tape etc... she has a control over how people see her naked body and that she is confident about it. I think women judging her definitely doesn't help other women, as it almost suggests that we should be ashamed of being naked or being sexual in a way. At the same time, I would never do pictures like this because I don't want to be so exposed to the public, and I would feel ashamed. But, everyone is naturally naked, so maybe naked pictures shouldn't be such a big deal? /I hope that made some sense\

    1. Yeah I see that what you mean. I just think especially as she said she'd never go nude again and now that she's married with a child that it's a bit.. Odd.. Abi :)

  2. I'm sure if her mom Kris posed naked like this Kim would absolutely hate it. What makes Kim think that her own daughter isn't going to feel the same way about these photos? I do like Kim, she seems like a sweet and funny girl but it does seem like all she is good for is taking her clothes off. Kinda sad! She has so much power and influence she should go out in the world and instead of taking her clothes off donate some to people in need!! :P She could do so much! but nope, she's too busy getting naked. >_<


    1. Yeah right so true! I totally agree! Abi :)


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