Saturday, 24 January 2015

Review: Bomb Cosmetics' Robin's Nest Bath Brulee

So being the lemon I am when I put this into the bath I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED "It's not even fizzing!" I thought. I had been very much looking forward to using my Bomb Cosmetics product especially as it was a Christmas present.
Whilst in the bath in my fury I searched up Bomb Cosmetics on my phone and BAM this wasn't a bath bomb, it was a bath brulee!! I really liked this product once over the disappointment about the fact I thought it was a bath bomb and then wasn't acting like one! It's so creamy and fizzes gently during the duration of your bath, not like a bath bomb where it all fizzes out in a few minutes - or seconds!

I also loved the design, it literally looks edible...I assure you they're NOT! I thought it was so sweet how, not only was it designed as a cupcake, but also in a cake case!

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Bomb Cosmetics product of 2015!

Abi :)


  1. i do love a bathbomb - will look out for these x

    1. Me too, yeah worth a try! Abi :)


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