Monday, 9 February 2015

10 Things To Take When Travelling Round Europe

I thought I'd make a list of essentials of what you'd (I'm going to) need to take with you if you did a roadtrip round Europe! It can apply to any holiday too!
  1. Passport
  2. Insurance
  3. Legal requirements (depending on where you drive) breathalyser, high vis jackets, 'GB' stickers if you're from the UK, warning triangle
  4. All paperwork for hotels/any activities
  5. Camera
  6. Phone
  7. Snacks/drinks for the road
  8. Make up wipes to freshen up
  9. Euros
  10. A LONG and good playlist!

Hope you liked this/found it useful!

Abi :)


  1. I'm going to Europe this year! Found this very useful :)


  2. Great post, very informative (:

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  3. Very useful post! :)

  4. great post, makeup wipes are essential! x

  5. this is a very nice post! I couldn't agree more with that long and good playlist! ;p

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  6. I love to take some snacks with me, as well as my phone, and my passport. xx


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