Thursday, 2 April 2015

REVIEW: L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Funnily enough I bought this foundation by mistake thinking it was 'Match Perfection' by a completely different brand! I realised this as soon as I was home and it was a tad too late though! The reviews online were pretty negative on the whole, I'd read about it not being very long-lasting and how it highlighted oily areas of skin etc.
As you know I have been using the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions for a while but at around £25 I thought I'd try and find something a bit cheaper (as good as that foundation is). 

When I first tried this the first thing I noticed was how watery the solution is, compared to Clinique's anyway! Using my new Real Techniques pointed foundation brush I blended it into my skin, for me I felt the coverage was pretty low but it is easy enough to build up and with a good brush it does do it's job!

 I always set my foundation with a pressed powder anyway but I think to make this last longer and to not go all 'weird' on oily areas of skin this definitely helps. 
The colour on me is really good, at first I thought it was quite orange-y but when it's properly blended in and with powder, blusher or anything else it is very hard to distinguish the foundation from my usual skin colour!

Overall, this foundation has taken some getting used to since my previous foundation and I do always have to check it's blended in well as it doesn't seem to blend as quickly into skin as my previous foundation, with a good brush and pressed powder I have made this foundation work for me - even if it was an accidental buy!

Abi :)

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