Friday, 11 July 2014

My Favourite Photographs So Far

Hi chums!

I thought I'd share with you my best photos I've taken so far - I love photography and one day really want to have a Canon DSLR all to myself so I can snap away happily and get some great pictures! At the moment I use an Olympus digital camera (click HERE if you want to check it out) which is great but I think I'm beginning to wear it out!

smile, handwriting, colour, rainbow
I love the idea of using lots of COLOUR in pictures as well as handwriting so decided to put them together!
reflection, girl
I know this picture isn't very focused, but I love the reflection!
frost, winter, cold, jar
I find black and white can be so effective when used on certain photos!
antique, clock
I like this as I think it makes the clock look quite vintage
hama beads, colourful, rainbow
Anyone remember Hama Beads?!
art, chalk pastels, rainbow, colourful
Again I'm enjoying the use of colour in this one!
eye, make up
I really like this one and think it works well in black and white
playing cards
I remember spending ages fanning the cards out for this shot!
jersey, lighthouse, sunset, silhouette
I'm quite proud of this photo I've always been quite interested in silhouettes - this was taken in Jersey
raindrops, spiderweb
Raindrops on spiderwebs look sooo pretty!
Bubbles trapped in a spiderweb
stourhead, colour, trees, autumn
Thought the colour of the trees looked so nice in this one!
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Abi :)


  1. thanks for checking out my blog.
    cool photos

  2. That's okay! Awh thankyou very much!!:)))

  3. You have a really good eye. These pictures are great, I have been doing photography myself as a hobby for many years, you have potential! Thank you for checking out my blog btw

  4. Awh thankyou very much!:) Yeah it's a great hobby! That's okay, Abi :)


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