Saturday, 12 July 2014

I Have a Thing About Cats...

Hi chums!

I thought it was about time that I let you into a secret of mine - well actually it's probably my worst kept secret...Since I was very young I've always LOVED cats, I say 'loved' what I mean is OBSESSED! I would always choose a cat over a dog any day, if I saw a cat on the way to school or nursery I would just stop in the street and stroke it - or attempt to anyway sometimes they just wandered off in the opposite direction leaving me in tears!

Unfortunately my Dad is allergic to cats so I've never had one as a pet and probably won't until I have my own place! However I am the sort of person that when I go round someones house and they have a cat I pay more attention to the cat than the person...oops!

I think my love for cats came from when I used to visit my Gran - she always had a cat around the house the first was called Smokey.

Beautiful Smokey - she even licked Marmite off my finger once!
A few years ago my Gran also took in a cat who they called Kit, presumably short for 'Kitty' - original! I though he was one of the prettiest cats ever, he has a gorgeous pattern on his face and back and the whitest belly.
Kit the cat
And again
As my parents have allotments, I used to spend A LOT of time over there when I was young. As gardening was never (and still isn't) really my 'thing' I was always on a mission to find a cat. There was a ginger cat called 'Maveric' who was 'my' first allotment cat - I almost used to look forward to going to the allotment just to see him!

Not so long ago there was a black and white cat there who didn't seem to have a collar so was nameless to me!

Clearly seen something of interest!
What a poser! Look at the long eyebrows - so sweet!
Awh I love it when cats do this - I'm so sad haha!
 A little closer to home and our neighbour has recently bought a black and white cat named Dexter. He's a mischievous yet curious character who seems to think he owns everything - even OUR living room carpet!
One of Dexter's favourite things to do is roll around on his back - in MY living room!
Dexter has a serious thing about windowsills 
Bundle of mischief!
Another windowsill pose for Dexter
Trying to get into our house - breaking and entering!
 I hope you enjoy these pictures and share my LOVE for cats!

Abi :)


  1. Oh my gosh, this could literally be written by me! I'm obsessed with cats. Really. O b s e s s e d. Also, I can't have one because of my dad, he's allergic. If I'm on my way to something on my bike and I see a cat, I always stop and I've been to late so many times because of it, haha! I love this blogpost, it's just way too accurate haha!

    Love, Kim

  2. Awh haha! Nice to know it isn't just me haha! Ha it always seems to be the Dad's! Awh thank you very much! Abi :)

  3. I LOVE cats and I love this post. Dexter looks the cutest. I'd also like to take Kit home too, such a cutie with that white vest. I cannot wait to get my own cat. My fiance said we could get one, but I just moved to Canada so I am not so sure yet. I know I can bring it back to the UK for a small price. I just love cats.

    1. Same haha, he is! Yeah Kit is beautiful, aw I want a cat so badly! Abi :)


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