Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New Boots and the Perks of Online Banking!

Hi chums!

So today I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and did something I've been meaning to do for months and months! It's just a small (not very interesting) thing but I'm so pleased I've done it!


It all began a while back when I suddenly realised I'd spent quite a bit of money and had absolutely no idea what was left in my account, I feared the worst - having my card declined in a machine when I had a basket full of things and a queue of people now staring at me, luckily that didn't happen. 

I made a trip to town just to put my card into the machine and press a few buttons so it could tell me my balance and how much I'd spent, it sounds like a lot of effort - it's really not as town isn't a long walk - but to think other people had the LUXURY of online banking and could just check their balance with their laptop or phone made me jealous. 

To set it up, I booked a meeting with my bank who then asked me a few questions and told me to think of some security answers and numbers and then I was back off home ready to set it all up with the step-by-step instructions they gave me! And now here I am, with all the other online bankers who can just check their balance or transfer money with just a few clicks! So if you haven't already, join online banking! It's a lot easier than taking a trip to town and checking it using a machine, or even waiting for your next bank statement to come through the post!

Whilst in town I also bought some new boots, as mine had sadly broken after serving me a good few months and came in especially handy during the wet Winter Britain had endured!

An emotional time - broken shoes!
Here are the two pairs of boots I bought from Primark in replacement for the broken ones:

Primark, boots
I really love the wedges on these - perfect for a shorty like me!
These were £15 from Primark, they are leather (so will hopefully keep me dry in showers and any puddles I may be tempted to jump into!) and have an elastic side panel. I really like that they're just 'slip on and off' boots and I think they'd go well with a lot of my outfits. I'd probably wear them with black leggings and a top, but I could wear them with a skater skirt too if I was feeling up to it!

The second pair I got were £10 and for work as we have to wear black shoes as part of our uniform. I found these boots sooo comfy when I tried them on in the shop - it's not often I try on a pair of shoes and within 5 seconds decide I'm buying them! They're suede, so probably won't keep me too dry if I'm caught in some rain - inevitable living in Britain! 

Primark, boots
(Not quite) Blue suede shoes, but they'll do all the same!
Hope you enjoyed this rather random blog of my trip to town!

Abi :)


  1. OMG I love these shoes,Chelsea boots are my favourite. Got a pair from topshop, comfiest pair of boots Ive ever worn.

  2. Yeah they are quite comfortable - I was surprised! Abi :)


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