Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Playlist

Hi chums!

I thought I'd do something a bit different today and give you a little playlist of songs I've been listening to during the Summers so far! Enjoy :)

I'm not a massive fan - it's just stuck in my head!
Love her songs!
Yet to find someone who dislikes this song!
Sorry but...FROZEN!!!

Hope you enjoy listening to these!



  1. Great playlist Abi!

  2. Ella Henderson, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith on one playlist are perfect! :)
    You should check out the band OneRepublic - they do similar music like these artists!

    Ellie xo

  3. Haha thankyou! Yes I've only heard 'Counting Stars' from them - thankyou! Abi :)

  4. I hear Frozen EVERYWHERE! No joke, at least once a day someone is humming it or some child is singing "let it go". Saying that, it is a great song and really catchy :D

    Emma Louise xx

  5. Really loving Ella's track Ghost right now too, although I pretty much love every song you posted there too haha!
    Would you mind checking out my blog? I'm newish here, but don't have any followers yet, I blog almost every day and. Would really appreciate it thank you :)

  6. So do I and even though it's a Christmassy film I still watch it now haha! I love Ghost too, I love her voice! Awh thank you very much! Of course I will look at yours! Abi :)

  7. Proud of you for putting Frozen in this list aha, it's such a good film and the songs are so so catchy! I enjoyed this post as it let me nose at some of your recommendations for music. Thanks to Zoella for letting me find your blog as I saw your comment on her newest post.

    Amazzable xox

    Please check out my blog:

  8. Awh thankyou haha, it really is! And yes they're all on my phone! Aha! Awh yeah I follow her she's great! I will hop over now! Abi :)

  9. I was reading through your list and gave a little squeal when I saw Let It Go.
    Love that song so much.

    Xx Anne

  10. Awh haha - same I don't think it will ever get old! Abi :)


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