Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wimbledon Men's Final 2014

Here (not in Wimbledon) it was a bleak Summer's day. I walked back from work in thunder and hailstones which were the size of Smarties - and some were pretty painful bouncing off my head and back - I even had to stop under a tree to shelter from the weather sipping sadly on my (now watery) Starbucks. 
My rain-dropped and watery Caramal Frappuccino
When I came home, I squelched through the door in my new (wet) boots, dried off and went straight to my laptop to watch the big match on BBC iPlayer Live. I'm not a MASSIVE tennis fan, but I do keep my eye on Murray's progress and have watched Wimbledon for the past few years on TV - much prefer Wimbledon to the World Cup!

I always say you know it's a good match when Wimbledon continues to air instead of the news! It was a tense match: one minute Federer looked strong and almost seemed to be weakening Djokovic with every move, the next minute  Djokovic looked like he was going to win but then began to make double faults resulting in Federer winning a set. In the end it was Djokovic who won, but I think they were both worthy of winning and it was an excellent match - thoroughly entertaining! 

There were a lot of famous faces in the crowd which probably added to the pressure for the two players. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were showing various expressions in response to the match. The Beckhams could also be seen, as well as Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom and former Olympian Chris Hoy.

I've always wanted to go to Wimbledon mainly to see Andy Murray play, but in all honesty I just don't have the money right now! Henman Hill looks good though with strawberries, cream and sun it seems like the perfect way to spend a Summer's afternoon! One day hopefully!!

Abi :) 


  1. Great post,dear!
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  2. Awh thank you very much!:) Will do! Abi :)


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