Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sex and the City - Review


The other night I was feeling quite tired but it was embarrassingly early to go to bed so I decided to hunt through my collection of films: I chose Sex and the City. 

It's set in New York and follows the lives of  four women; Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes. 

And so it begins!
What I love about this film is that is shows different variations of relationships. It's a fact universally acknowledged that no relationship is 'perfect.' Miranda in particular is a career driven woman and she starts to put her job before her relationship - something which I personally feel is just seriously not okay. But the truth is, that is what some people do and the film reflects that.
So stressed is Miranda about work she doesn't even notice what's on her lip!
One of the scenes I love is when Carrie is trying to sort her wardrobe out - with the help of her friends, some sneaky champagne and a casual catwalk! 
I love that forty-something Sarah Jessica Parker looks about twelve in this scene - so adorable!
Further on in the film Steve (Miranda's husband) confesses to her that he's slept with someone else as a result of not getting enough love and attention at home due to her ridiculous work ethic. Obviously Miranda is furious - the father of her son has just cheated on her after all - but my point is what did she expect? If you don't make someone feel wanted is it not foreseeable that they'll just look for love and attention elsewhere? It may be surprising to some that as a girl I don't take Miranda's side, but I honestly hold very little sympathy for her in this scene.
I really feel for Steve in this scene - he knows he's done a bad thing and has apologised profusely
As if one crisis wasn't enough. Carrie and Big (can't get my head around this name!) decide to get married but days before the wedding Big begins to get cold feet and on the day of his wedding he desperately rings Carrie who is oblivious to her future husbands mindset and is in bliss in her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress. When Carrie finally rings Big after seeing he's not at the wedding she realises he's not coming at all...In a way I really really love this part in the film, I love the way that the girls rally round Carrie to hurl her away from anymore humiliation.
The girls rush Carrie out of her wedding - girl power!
Carrie is clearly not to be messed with
One of the lighter and funnier moments is when Charlotte drinks some shower water accidentally and ends up pooing herself in front of her friends! It even makes Carrie laugh for the first time since her (non existent) wedding day.
The facial expressions she pulls in this scene are Oscar worthy!
One of my favourite characters in this scene is Carrie's assistant Louise played by Jennifer Hudson. I love how passionate she is about love - if only there were more people like her in the World!
Doing her thaaang!
Perfectly placed sushi...
I found this sushi scene hilarious! The fact that it's (literally) the ONE time Samantha has done anything for another person and in the end she ends up eating the sushi off her own body because she's waited there for hours - sods law!

Overall, I really liked this film it definitely has the right balance between humour and some more emotional scenes which I think females in particular would have no problem relating to. I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone who has maybe not watched the film - all I can say is that it's almost like a fairytale ending...

Hope you enjoyed this review - hope to do another one soon!

Abi :)

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