Sunday, 13 July 2014

World Cup Final 2014

Okay so it's going to be two blogs in one day but I couldn't NOT blog about the World Cup Final!

It's been an eventful World Cup: England were basically an embarrassment, Luis Suarez decided to bite another player and the unforgettable 7-1 defeat for Brazil against Germany which led to riots breaking out across the hosting country.

I'm not a huge football fan, but when England play I usually watch - support your own country and all that! And it's the World Cup Final so I wasn't going to miss it! I didn't do anything special, I just watched the game live on BBC iPlayer in my room - I'm definitely not the sort of person that would watch a game of football, invite a load of people over, hang flags out of the windows and sing all the national anthems!

Whilst watching the commentary before the match I was reminded of Michael McIntyre's 'thoughts' on the World Cup of 2010, I'll leave the video for you to watch here:

It was quite a tense game right from the first whistle, one minute the ball was metres away from one goal the next minute it was straight back in the middle of the pitch. Around 20 minutes into the game Argentina looked sure to score when they were faced with no German defenders in front of them, but the kick was wide and didn't go in - much to the annoyance of the Argentine team and fans.

At half time Argentina (Gonzalo Higuain) had scored...but it was disallowed, two German players had been booked (including Benedikt Hoewedes) and the score was only 0-0. 

Having a talking to by the ref!
Back from half time and over 80 minutes into the match the score was still 0-0 I was beginning to think it would just come down to penalties.

At 90 minutes the score was STILL 0-0 and an extra 3 minutes was added and then another 30!
15 minutes to find a winner!
Both teams were getting desperate, resulting in injuries being sustained (Schweinsteiger)
113 minutes in and Mario Gotze of Germany scores!
And they've done it! Germany won 1-0 against Argentina - no penalties needed!
Hope you enjoyed this!

Abi :)


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