Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lifestyle Ladies Award

I was amazed to see that I had been nominated for this award by Hattie and I am so grateful - thankyou!

Here are my answers:

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
Hmm...Meryl Streep maybe, because she's a good, versatile actress so could do a good job of conveying all my emotions haha!

Are there any lyrics that have stayed with you through your life so far?
None that spring to mind, but usually when I listen to a song I can agree with and relate to the lyrics, loving All About That Bass at the moment!

What is your go-to film/TV show that always makes you feel better?
Mamma Mia or Pitch Perfect! I love musicals!!!

Which Disney Princess do you relate to most?
Urm..not too sure I look a bit like Belle with brown hair but that's about it haha!

Do you watch YouTubers? If so, who are your favourites?
Yup, Zoella, Fashionrocksmysocks and just some other random ones!

Would you rather be a writer, singer, painter or actor?

What is your favourite starbucks drink?
Caramel Frapuccino but I had a Pumpkin Spiced Latte the other day which was very nice!
If you could learn to speak any language in a minute which one would you choose?
Spanish as it's the most widely spoken language and I took it as a GCSE, I wish I could be fluent in another language!

Are you a cat person or dog person?
I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!

If you could be any supernatural creature, which one would you be?
Urm..I don't know maybe a witch because they have a cat...I'm obsessed with cats haha!

I nominate (a different) Harriet from Confessions of Harriet!

Hope you enjoyed this chums!

Abi :)


  1. Love this! Thanks for doing it :D

    1. Thankyou, it's okay thankyou for the nomination! Abi :)


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