Friday, 16 January 2015

A Few Poems

As I have said countless times before I really love to write, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my poems I've written: 
Start in Reception and count to ten
 Learn joined up handwriting with your first Biro pen
Read simple books like The Magic Key
Write short stories titled ‘All About Me’
Learn about Egyptians, Tudors and Kings
Draw self-portraits and paint wonderful things
Do harder Maths like times table and addition
Learn about electricity, materials and nutrition
Join after school sport clubs with games, toys and bats
Sit down at a desk and do your Year 6 SATS
Secondary school now you’re new again and scared
You’ve got countless pens and books though so you’re definitely prepared
You learn local Geography, navigation and map skills
Making recipes in food tech like smoothies and pasta meals
Acting in Drama playing team building games
You begin to feel more confident and learn lots more names
You’re made to sing in music but just a few lines
Read about World War 2 and conditions in the mines
Wear a white lab coat and learn the elements table
In Physics learn about force and what makes something unstable
Develop views on Religion, laws and society
Talk about World affairs and personal things like anxiety
Play netball, rounders and hockey in the rain
You’ve learnt so much – imagine the size of your brain
There’s still more learning which needs to be complete
So up to Year 10 you reluctantly greet
You’ve chosen your options and there’s just two years to go
In Drama you’re assessed on acting in the school’s Summer show
Work becomes harder like components of a cell
You worry about exams but teachers say you’re doing well
Develop a passion for languages Spanish and German
Practice and practice as your grade it will determine
Pythagoras’s theorem in Maths as well as surds
You come home and tell your Mum, she thinks it sounds absurd
And so the final year has just arrived for you
Homework and coursework are nearly always due
Time becomes precious, you want everything to last
Yet the dates of your exams are coming round so fast
You sit in the exam hall tapping your pen
You’ve splurged out everything you’ve learnt yet have to do it again
Another ten exams come quickly your way
But once they’re done they’re done, there’s nothing left to say
You’ve learnt all those things and made several friends too
So if you had a replay button what would you do?

Future Jobs Throughout The Ages
When I was in nursery I wanted to be a fairy
They were so pretty and could fly!
Then a nursery worker
I loved my fellow toddler friends
A vet
Because who doesn’t want to stroke animals all day
An English teacher
So I could read and write whenever I pleased
A sports coach
Encouraging people to be as fit as me!
A journalist
To document to the World of today’s happenings
A poet
To rhyme, to make you laugh or cry
An author
Because I’d love my name to be on the front of a book
An actor
On the West End with my name in dazzling lights
A broadcaster
On the BBC news, the public clinging onto my every word
Those were my dream jobs
Do you remember what yours once were?

You can’t stop thinking about someone
Get jealous and fight
Make up passionately all through the night
Their scent drives you crazy
You care so much
Want to do everything with them
Crave their soft touch
Gone for an hour, a day or a week
The thought of them not being there just makes you feel bleak
They bring out a side to you no one else can
A side and a smile you reserve just for them
Experience a sense of warmth and security
Talk deep meaningful nonsense until 11.30pm
Share both happiness and sadness, good and bad times
You push each other’s buttons and cross each other’s lines
But there’s no such thing as perfect
Fairytales aren’t real
Just know that they are worth it
The pain, the tears and the sacrifices too
But not forgetting the good stuff
Presents, love, company and someone who genuinely cares
A feeling so real and raw
So powerful yet delicate
In all this strangeness it fits like a glove
That’s when you know it must be love

Abi :)


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