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GUEST POST: Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Hey guys!

I’m Lou, and I write over on Lou’s World. Abi asked me to write a guest post for her and I was really excited! Her blog is amazing and it’s really cool to be able to write on it.
She asked me to write about holiday, or travel. So I thought that I would tell my 10 favourite holiday destinations.

The pictures used are courtesy of Google, they are not my own.

10. France (Lille)
I went to Lille when I was in year 9 for the Christmas Market and it was amazing! I had only been to France before briefly but was too young to remember it. But this time, I was really keen to take everything in and I completely loved it. I bought a lot of things (too many things) and had fun with my friends, so I have really good memories of Lille and I really want to go there again one day!

9. London
I know that I live in London, but I am still incredibly aware of how amazing it is. I rarely go into central London, because I generally have no reason to, but when I do, I can really understand why people want to come to London. If I didn’t live here, I think I would be here so often! It’s really pretty, and it’s just nice to walk around and see all of the tourist attractions, even when it’s freezing cold! I think that, if you’ve never been to London, especially to the tourist attractions, you need to!

8. Grenada
I am half Grenadian, so of course it is one of my favourite places. To be honest, I haven’t been here for many many many years, and I can’t really remember it. But from what I’ve heard about it (mainly from my dad) it’s an amazing place and I really want to visit there in the next few years. It looks so beautiful!

7. Devon
Devon holds some of my favourite memories from holidays from my childhood. I used to go there nearly every year with my whole family (or the majority of them!) when I was young. I loved having the 6 hour drive every summer and just sleeping or watching as the city became the country. We used to rent these big houses and just relax for a week or two. I would love to do this again, especially the road-trip part!

6. Barcelona - Spain
This is a picture of ‘La Sagrada Familia’ in Barcelona, which is a huge cathedral. I went to Barcelona when I was in year 10, because I was studying Spanish at the time. Inside the cathedral was completely beautiful and really made me respect the whole place. We also went around Barcelona in general and used the metro, which is the first time that I had used public transport in somewhere other than England or America, which was a really nice experience. Again, I got to spend time with my friends in a foreign country and it was a really amazing experience that I would love to do again!

5. Barbados
As well as Grenadian, the other half of me (a weird image!) is from Barbados! I love Barbados a lot, I mean, look at the picture, it’s beautiful! I haven’t been here in forever but I just think it’s an amazing place and I would really love to go there in the next few years, especially because I have family there.

4. Spain (The Canary Islands)
I have been to the Canary Islands twice in my live. I have been to Portaventura and Fuerteventura and I loved them for different reasons. Fuerteventura is the place that you go when you just want to relax with your family and not have to do too much. Portaventura is a very active place where you have to do a lot. For example, there are a lot of theme parks to have fun in, and there’s a lot of entertainment. So, whichever one you go to, you’ll have a great time!

3. Atlanta Georgia (USA)
I have an aunt who used to live in Atlanta (I’m not sure if she still does) but we went to visit her and her family one Christmas when I was about 11 or 12. It was a really nice experience, especially going there for Christmas. Thinking about it, it reminds me a bit of the book ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg, where Penny spends Christmas in New York. I don’t think spending ever Christmas away is good, especially if you’re not with family. But once in a while, I think it’s really nice, and makes that Christmas even more memorable!

2. Instow (UK)
This was the last holiday that I went on and it was literally one of my favourite places. The house we stayed at is amazing, and it is my dream ‘get married, have children, grow up’ house that I imagine when I imagine these things happening. I’m not the hugest fan of beach holidays, but with this one, it was just so nice to be away from the city and in the quiet. I can imagine becoming an author and living somewhere here, away from the noise and rush. It’s lovely, and if you get the chance to visit, take it!

1. Orlando Florida
A few years ago now (like 6 or 7) I went to Orlando Florida and it was so amazing! We went to Universal Studios and it was really great, and I really want to go again. My only regret is that we didn’t go to Disney World. I know, how can you go to Florida and not go to Disney World! You may not know me, but if you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know how much I love Disney. I even have ‘Future Disney Princess’ in my twitter bio (@Louleecutie)! But at the time, I was young, I didn’t love Disney as much as I do now, and I thought that I was too old to enjoy Disney Land. But let me tell you, the next time I go to Florida, no matter how old I am, I will be going to Disney Land!

Thank you so much for reading. And thank you to Abi for letting me guest-post on her blog. I really enjoyed writing this post and she’s completely welcome to guest-post on mine anytime she likes!

Comment below your favourite holiday destination!

Keep Smiling – Lou xx


  1. Randomly found your blog and can’t express how I like it!
    It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. I'm saving up to go to Barcelona this year! It looks such a beautiful place. I'd also like to go to Prague, as I think it has a really interesting history - but I'd be happy if I get to go anywhere this year! Thanks for such a great list!

    1. I'd love to go to both those places too! Abi :)


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