Saturday, 7 March 2015

GUEST POST: New Places, New You

This is a guest post Nadia wrote for me from mintblogofbeauty, enjoy!
It's a dark cold evening and I am sipping my tea quietly, thinking over and over my tomorrows-not-so-far-now routine. I have everything planned and all ready for the day that will cherish in my memory like no other. It's a day I start my trip. There has been quite a few days like this and all of them are unique although they have a lot in common. The always start with a sleepless night. I just can't sleep knowing I am 4h away-3h away- from the most exciting experience ever. Before the sun rises, I am already sitting on the edge of the chair counting down the minutes until I can call a taxi and start my journey. For me, it's already started. after taxi, on arrival to the airport, I am all shaken up and anxious to go through the luggage check- so I can enjoy the airport and explore all the little gift shops. Didn't I mention I happen to love airport just as much as any other detail of the trip. It's where the magic begins. 
But the most exciting part of each trip is exploring new places. Countries. cities, little streets- from the global to the little details, I love each and every bit. I find something to love in each country I've been to- France, Austria, Hungary, Cyprus, Brazil- and many others all had something to offer me that would make me love the place. Once you have set your foot on the foreign land, you start living another life, exploring your own self through the people you meet, food you try and the history you discover behind each city. 

I want to tell you about the two countries which changed me the most. First, The UK. I visited a lot of places in the UK, small towns and big cities, but what it gave me was understanding that everyone is different. Just that, was enough to change me completely and never have me look at life the same way again. Just the respect you see in others, the way they treat others makes you want to change, to be better. 
Another thing that changed me was my trip to Brazil. It is a crazy place and the people are very open, although they lack manners and some respect but they do bring out the best in you just by making you try and understand them- you start to think out of the box and life gains a new meaning. You start wanting to try new things, you meet people and learn to understand them. I learn a lot from travelling and I can't imagine a better way to spend a day, week or life than going on trip which maybe will take you not only to a new place but to a new you, to a new life.
Nadia :)

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