Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Best Pancakes & Sauce!

Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately as it turns out) I was in Venice, Italy on holiday when it was Pancake Day here in the UK so I missed out on my pancakes, but instead enjoyed the views and weather of beautiful Italy!
When I got home however, Mum had kindly bought me some Marks & Spencer's pancakes with butterscotch sauce and OH MY WORD they're the nicest things!
If you like all things sweet - like me - you'll love these! There's plenty of sauce for the pancakes which is good as usually I'm rationing sauce for each pancake as some never seem to come with enough! The pancakes are really nice and fluffy like the American ones everyone always raves about!

Do you like pancakes? What is your favourite topping?

Abi :)

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