Saturday, 28 March 2015

REVIEW: Insurgent

I watched this last weekend as part of my birthday and really enjoyed it - minus all the loud, jumpy gunshots (I'm a sensitive soul!). 
It followed on nicely from the first film, Divergent, and what I liked most was that the relationship between Tris and Four really developed and they grew stronger as individuals too in order to fight and stand up to the evil Jeanine!

I thought Naomi Watts played a very good Evelyn (I'm not going to say what/who she is but you'll understand when you watch the film!) and I liked that Four's past was explored quite a bit, as we knew quite a lot about Tris after the first film and so I think it was right to explore Four a bit more in this film.

Another thing I really liked was the sense that everything was so dramatic and that time really was of the essence, without giving too much away, time really is running out for Tris as she's desperate to not be found as Jeanine tries to hunt her down (not personally though of course!)
The only thing I didn't like was the ending as I felt like the film series could have just ended there, maybe the third film will follow on nicely but the cliffhanger ending I was anticipating didn't arrive.

Overall, I really did enjoy this film (as jumpy as it was for me) and I am looking forward to seeing the final chapter on screen (hopefully) next year by the sounds of it!

Abi :)


  1. I read all three books and absolutely love them!
    I'm going to see Insurgent film with my friends on the next Friday. Beyond excited for that!
    Love, Yana x

    1. Well done you, I didn't hehe! Enjoy it! Abi :)

  2. Went to see this yesterday as loved the first film. And as good as it was, I was a little underwhelmed too, if I'm honest. Kate Winslet didn't portray the same kinda crazy she did in the first film and Tris's hair was awkward to watch. (does that even make sense?)

    Looking forward to seeing the final but it's a shame that it didn't follow the same momentum as Divergent.

    Mark x
    That Gent Mark

    1. I actually thought Kate winslet was good in it but I agree about the hard! Me too! Abi :)


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