Tuesday, 5 May 2015

PHOTOS: On My Phone

Just a short photo post for you, basically I thought I might do a new series where every month or so I show you what photos I've taken/saved on my phone. I've seen a few other people do these sorts of posts and really enjoy looking at the photos so I hope you do too!
daffodils, flowers
Daffodils my Mum bought me! 
Love evenings like this, silhouettes of trees are my favourite!  
ice lolly, solero
 One Solero craving solved
Such a pretty cat - unfortunately not mine (yet) 
So nice to see the fish in my pond! 
 One Lush bath bomb
Love my star light 
This smell so nice - review to come soon! 
These were delicious! 
 My new tv show to watch
 Love these so much, lovely tin too!
My first ever pressed flower!

Abi :)


  1. I love Once Upon A Time! That picture of the fish pond is stunning by the way :)


    1. Me too! Awh thankyou very much! Abi :)


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