Friday, 1 May 2015

REVIEW: Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb

The other day I was feeling pretty down - we all have those days! And my Mum gave me this bath bomb to try and cheer me up and make me more relaxed, I'm pleased to say it worked!
This isn't a bath bomb I would usually go for, I'm not really a 'yellow' person (I know, not getting a bath bomb based on colour is silly) but I ADORED the smell of this one! It was almost like a sweet-citrus smell probably due to the orange and honey in it which is an unusual but gorgeous combination.
Once plonked in the bath (I'm not an elegant female, I may as well make that clear) it fizzed very quickly and didn't last that long which made me a bit sad as it's so fun to watch something fizzing around in your bath!
The bath turned quite a nice shade of yellow which was a new thing for me, and as usual the Lush effect (where your skin feels silky soft after using a Lush product) was present again!
I think I will buy this the next time I get some Lush products as I loved the smell SO much and who wouldn't love a yellow bath?!

Abi :)


  1. I love anything with honey in, and this looks such a great product! I'm pleased it de-stressed you. I would love a yellow bath, so I think I'll give this a purchase!

  2. I got this in my Lush box and can't wait to try it! I love the smell and the name haha :)


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