Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BLOGMAS: DAY 23 - Favourite Christmas Story

I think the only Christmas story I know is the Nativity story so I'll write it out for you here:

"Over 2000 years ago a woman named Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph, one day an angel appeared to Mary saying she had been chosen to have a special baby - God's baby, named Jesus. Mary and Joseph rode a donkey to Bethlehem, there they tried many Inn's but they were all full so one innkeeper said she could stay in a stable, a few hours later Jesus was born. After the birth an angel appeared to nearby Shepherds telling them they would see the Son of God in Bethlehem, so they went to the stable and saw Jesus. In the East a bright star appeared and three wise men followed the star - it led them to the stable. When the wise men got to the stable they presented gold, frankincense and myrrh. After Jesus' birth, Joseph had a dream to go to Egypt to escape King Herod who was threatening to kill young boys, they left Bethlehem and were safe."

Abi :)

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