Monday, 22 December 2014

BLOGMAS: DAY 22 - Day In The Life

Today was an exciting day which consisted of us going on a spontaneous drive to LONDON BABY!!! We went to Covent Garden, Oxford Circus, Embankment and Winter Wonderland! I hope you like the photos!

So firstly we went to Embankment where we walked through some of the stalls but to be honest there weren't that many we were a bit disappointed!
Next we went to Covent Garden and walked around Leicester Square a bit, I loved the lights!
The next stop was Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, I loved all the markets so much! The hot chocolate was £4 but was THE BEST hot chocolate I've had - seriously I've drunk a lot of hot chocolate in my time!
The last stop was Oxford Circus where we just pottered around a bit!
I also bought some bitter lemon from Waterloo Station and some cute sweets (toffee bon bons and jelly teddies) from an old-fashioned sweet shop which was in Leicester Square. On the way home I also managed to down a McDonalds haha!

Abi :)


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